Baby, It's Cold In Michigan: How To Thwart And Suppress Autoimmune Disease Flare-Ups

Michigan weather tends to be tough on people suffering from autoimmune diseases as those diseases tend to flare when the temperature dips toward freezing. Inflammation, joint, and muscle pain are some of the hallmarks of the autoimmune disease. When your body's immune system is kicked into abnormally low or abnormally high gear, the body goes into attack mode. The antibodies that are supposed to protect your immune system instead assault your body's tissues, organs, and bones.

Didn't Like Hormonal Contraceptives? Dos And Don'ts For Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy

If you are like many women who want to prevent unplanned pregnancies, you may have asked your doctor for a birth control pill and looked forward to taking it. However, you may have developed unwanted side effects that led to you discontinuing the pill and wondering what your other options are. The good news is that there are many non-hormonal birth control options that you can consider and your doctor can prescribe.

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Treat A Sinus Infection

Sinus infections tend to flare up often for people with chronic allergies, and a lot of people get tired of taking medications to treat these infections. If you get sinus infections frequently and want to try a natural remedy for treating them, you could use apple cider vinegar (ACV). This is a natural product that offers a lot of medicinal purposes, and it can be highly effective for treating sinus infections.

Don't Bottle It Up: 3 Steps To Help You Through The Grieving Process

Losing a loved one is quite possibly the most painful experience you'll ever endure. Even if you were prepared for their passing, such as after a long illness, it can still be difficult to deal with the emotions that are raging through you. Don't feel like you're on a time-limit for your grief. Everyone grieves differently, and there is no right way – or wrong way – to do it. The most important thing you can do during this time is to give yourself the time and space you need to grieve.

What You May Not Know About Radiation Therapy

If you have cancer, your physician may be planning to prescribe radiation therapy. However, if you have never had this type of treatment, you may be concerned about what to expect. This type of therapy is not widely used to treat many conditions other than cancer, so you may know little about it. Here is a bit of information about radiation therapy to help you better understand it. Radiation Therapy Doesn't Make You Radioactive

Could Your Chronic Constipation Be Due To Spinal Stenosis?

If you've noticed some changes in your digestive habits recently, you may be reaching for stool softeners or gas reducers to try to alleviate some of the symptoms and physical effects of chronic constipation. While constipation alone isn't a disorder, it can point to a variety of other conditions, from a lack of fiber in one's diet to irritable bowel syndrome or, surprisingly, a lumbar condition called spinal stenosis. Read on to learn more about the interrelationship between lower back conditions like spinal stenosis and digestive troubles like constipation, as well as some treatments that may bring relief:

How To Prepare Your Child For An Allergy Test

Allergies are all too common, with even very young children experiencing allergies to foods. If there is a family history of allergies or signs of allergies emerge, parents may decide to have a child tested for allergies. Allergy testing offers a number of benefits and answers, but preparing children for the process may be the most difficult part. These tips will help you prepare your child to undergo allergy testing.

Why Would Your Hearing Get Bad Before You'D Expect It?

You probably don't expect your hearing to go bad for quite awhile. But the reality is that hearing loss can set in at any time. It's progressive, too, meaning that many people have some hearing loss that they don't seek treatment for until it has become more significant. During that initial time, they could have gotten a hearing evaluation and found the issues to correct much sooner. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider hearing testing for hearing loss, even if you're not expecting to find it.

What Is A Mommy Makeover?

After having children, many women consider undergoing a mommy makeover, which is meant to restore the body so that it appears more like it did before pregnancy. While many women are totally comfortable and happy with their post-baby bodies, some women aren't. The mommy makeover typically focuses on the waist, belly, buttocks, genitals, and breasts. This guide will walk you through the process of undergoing a mommy makeover. What Procedures Are Involved in a Mommy Makeover?

Breast Surgery And Chronic Back Pain: Why The One Affects The Other

Women suffer from back pain more often than men. If you stop to think about the reason why, it becomes quite clear. Breasts. Women have to lug around breast tissue that is more pronounced and heavier than male breast tissue. That said, here are the affects of two types of breast surgery on chronic back pain and how to relieve the problem. Breast Augmentation and Pain Women with smaller breasts experience far less back pain because they are not carrying quite so heavy a load up front.

Things Women In Their 40s Should Talk To Their Doctors About

Turning 40 years old is a milestone in a person's life, and for women, there are new health concerns that occur during this wonderful decade. If you are about to reach this age, it's important to understand that the health risks you face can change from what you were used to. Because of this, you should visit a family doctor to discuss the following three health concerns you should be aware of while you are in your 40s.

Diagnosed With Non-Resectable Melanoma? What Are Your Treatment Options?

If you've recently received the sobering news that your mole, freckle, or age spot is actually skin cancer melanoma, you may still be dealing with the shock of such a serious diagnosis. And discovering that this melanoma is non-resectable – that is, unable to be fully removed or excised with surgery – can be even more of a blow. Although non-resectable melanomas tend to have a lower overall cure rate than other types of skin cancers, there are a number of pioneering treatment options that can improve your odds of a long, healthy life.

Tips For Safely Removing Hearing-Blocking Ear Wax

If you are having a problem hearing with one of your ears, then you likely have ear wax that has built up in front of your eardrum. While it is very important that you remove the wax from your ear, it needs to be done in the correct manner to prevent permanent damage to your hearing. To preserve your hearing and safely remove the excessive ear wax, follow these tips: 

Getting Started With Self-Catheterization

If you have a medical condition or injury that damaged the nerves to your bladder, you may need to use a catheter so you can pass urine properly. Your doctor might insert a permanent catheter for you to wear, but it's also possible you'll have to insert a catheter yourself a few times a day to drain your bladder. Although the thought of inserting a catheter yourself at home may sound daunting, it's actually an easy process once you've had some practice.

Why Drinking Well Water Can Lead to Tooth Decay

Many people turn to well water as a way of avoiding the chemicals and purifiying agents placed in city water. However, they are doing their teeth a dangerous disservice, one that may cause them to need cosmetic dental surgery early in life. Well Water Lacks Fluoride Well water comes from natural springs under the ground—springs that make up a majority of the sources of the fresh water in the world. Tapping into one of these springs allows a person to have water for years, but this water lacks the fluoride added to city water.