Why Would Your Hearing Get Bad Before You'D Expect It?

You probably don't expect your hearing to go bad for quite awhile. But the reality is that hearing loss can set in at any time. It's progressive, too, meaning that many people have some hearing loss that they don't seek treatment for until it has become more significant. During that initial time, they could have gotten a hearing evaluation and found the issues to correct much sooner. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider hearing testing for hearing loss, even if you're not expecting to find it.

It Doesn't Take Much to Induce Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can happen all at once. Exposure for even a few minutes to very loud noises can result in permanent hearing loss. Then, there are those loud events and concerts that you're exposed to for hours at a time. Have you ever come home with your ears ringing after a night out? That means that you experienced some hearing damage. You may feel that it went back to normal after a little while, but permanent hearing damage is harder to detect than you think.

You May Not Know You Have It

Sometimes, you're the last to know that you have hearing damage. You will tend to simply accommodate your body after hearing loss. You don't exactly remember when you started turning up the volume on your headphones. You take your disinterest in work conversations as simply outgrowing coworkers, and not as a sign that your hearing has declined and you're losing attention because you just can't hear the conversation very easily. Being mindful enough to really remember the onset of hearing loss is something that's not easy to expect.

It Gets Worse

Finally, many people experience some hearing damage at one point or another. But the reason your hearing can get bad before you'd expect it is when there's a combination of damaging things: you've had exposure to hearing loss, and you don't realize you're accommodating. Higher volumes on the TV can end up causing more hearing loss. You don't protect your ears from loud noises as much. You stand closer to someone who's talking, and their shouting causes more hearing damage for you.

The solution to the cycle is to make sure you're getting your regular hearing testing from an audiologist. This service should be covered on health insurance plans, and it's offered at reduced rates by some social services. It's a quick yearly or biannual check for your continued health, even at a younger age.