How To Prepare Your Child For An Allergy Test

Allergies are all too common, with even very young children experiencing allergies to foods. If there is a family history of allergies or signs of allergies emerge, parents may decide to have a child tested for allergies. Allergy testing offers a number of benefits and answers, but preparing children for the process may be the most difficult part. These tips will help you prepare your child to undergo allergy testing.

Consider Explaining the Allergy Test Process

Generally, allergy skin tests are performed by an allergist. The tests may consist of a scratch test in which a drop of the allergen is scratched or stuck into the skin. In some cases, the doctor may have to inject a small amount of allergen into the skin. For children, this is usually administered on the back. The amount of pain is minimal, but it may be alarming for small children. Depending on your child's age, it might be worth having a conversation about what your child should expect so that he or she is aware of what may happen.

Discuss Medications Your Child Is Taking

Talk with your doctor about any medications your child is taking, including those that are given over the counter. Additionally, avoid giving your child any sort of antihistamines. If you have questions about your child's medications, speak with the doctor first.

Avoid Feeding Children Caffeine or Sugar Before the Test

This is a smart idea because children tend to become more hyper with caffeinated and sugary food and drink. It is better for children to be calm during the testing.

Bathe Children the Morning of the Allergy Test

Clean skin is important for the test, and bathing the morning of the exam is beneficial. It may prevent other factors from interfering with the results, like sweat and pollen.

Bring a Way to Distract the Child

While the test may provide some discomfort, a distraction can be a big help. Children who are distracted are more likely to sit calmly during even the painful portions of the allergy test.

Ultimately, it is important that children are tested for allergies they may have. Parents often don't realize that their children are allergic to common substances, even though it may cause them to be home sick from school or to be less physically active than other children. With the results, you will be able to determine what is causing your child to feel ill.


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