Breast Surgery And Chronic Back Pain: Why The One Affects The Other

Women suffer from back pain more often than men. If you stop to think about the reason why, it becomes quite clear. Breasts. Women have to lug around breast tissue that is more pronounced and heavier than male breast tissue. That said, here are the affects of two types of breast surgery on chronic back pain and how to relieve the problem.

Breast Augmentation and Pain

Women with smaller breasts experience far less back pain because they are not carrying quite so heavy a load up front. When these same women opt for breast augmentation surgery, suddenly they find that they have a lot of pain through their shoulders, upper back, and mid-back. They have just increased the size of their breasts, which their frames and bodies were not designed to carry. As such, their bodies struggle to maintain an upright position, which causes stress on their shoulders and back. When women go overboard to increase the size of their breasts to a point where the breasts are just too big for their small frames, they are in constant pain and want to be "fixed".

The solution to this problem is simple. Either do not have breast augmentation surgery, or get extra-firm support bras to help you stay erect. Better still, opt to only go up a single cup size, and you will not experience quite so much discomfort.

Really Large Natural Breasts and Pain

This is quite a common problem for women, especially after they have had children and their breasts do not return to their pre-pregnancy size. Extreme weight gain can also cause enlargement of the breasts, which do not return to their previous size when weight is lost. Because the breasts are so much larger than before, women lean over into the weight of their breasts, which puts a lot of strain on their backs.

Whenever possible, it is a good idea to get a breast reduction surgery. This reduces the weight and the pull of your breasts on your back, which in turn provides chronic back pain relief. If you cannot get breast reduction surgery, find a women's lingerie store that can assist you with finding a very good, supportive bra that lifts your breasts and supports your back. You may also want to consider full body shapers or corsets, which can keep your back straight, while pushing your breasts up. These garments will help alleviate some of the back pain you feel from the abundance of breast tissue that you are carrying.

For more information, you will want to contact a company such as The Pain Management Group.