Tech For Seniors: 3 Innovations That Are Improving Senior Care

As the massive Baby Boomer generation ages, the population of seniors in America is growing, and it's expected to double by 2030, when experts estimate a senior population of about 70 million. But while seniors are living longer thanks to improvements in medicine and health knowledge, many of them still need more care and attention than they needed in their younger years. Adult children of seniors and the medical community are struggling to find ways to provide needed care for an expanding demographic.

Are You Suffering From Low Testosterone Levels Or Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a very serious sleep disorder that causes you to have difficult breathing while sleeping at night. Your airways become blocked, which causes you to stop breathing. In some cases, this can occur hundreds of times throughout one night of sleep. As if that wasn't bad enough, it gets worse. Sleep apnea is often misdiagnosed, and for men, it can be diagnosed as having low testosterone. Read on to learn more about the similarities between low testosterone and sleep apnea and how it can negatively affect your life.

Borderline Moles -- Monitor Or Remove?

If your dermatologist has identified one or more suspicious moles on your body -- those that could become cancerous in the future if left unchecked -- you may be wondering about your next steps. Although surgical removal of problem moles is always an option, recently many dermatologists have chosen to take a "watchful waiting" approach to these growths. Read on to learn more about this treatment method, as well as specific situations in which it is more advantageous to go ahead and have these moles or other skin growths removed.

What Should You Know About Genital Herpes When You're Pregnant

If your spouse recently committed infidelity in your marriage, you may be concerned about whether or not you have a STD, especially if you're pregnant. Having a STD or sexually transmitted disease like genital herpes is a potentially harmful and life-changing event for you and your baby. However, your OB/GYN offers hope and treatment to help you get through this emotionally-draining time. Until you see your doctor to find out if you have a STD or not, keep the information below in mind.

5 Ways To Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney stones rarely leave any permanent damage, but the pain can be unbearable. If you have kidney stones, it can be difficult to even get out of bed. Obesity, a high-sodium diet and dehydration can increase a person's risk of developing kidney stones. The good news is that it is possible to avoid these stones. Here are five ways to prevent kidney stones. Limit Sodium in Your Diet A high-sodium diet increases calcium in your urine, making you more susceptible to kidney stones.

Treating Your Gum Disease With Surgery: What You Should Know

When it comes to your oral health, nothing has more of an impact on your overall health than gum disease. There are many gum disease treatments available. However, when your gum disease becomes advanced, you will likely need some type of surgical intervention. In order to better understand what surgical interventions you may need to treat your gum disease, get to know your options and how these surgeries are used to help your get rid of and recover from your gum disease.

Using Art Therapy To Help Seniors Express Themselves

The therapeutic nature of art has been explored for many centuries and countless generations have found it to be the perfect way to express feelings, ideas and thoughts that they may not be able to express verbally. In light of this, it is not surprising that art therapy has become one of the major ways in which seniors can express themselves, whether they are at an assisted living facility or are receiving in home care.

Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment: Why It Could Be Better Than New Equipment

If you are hesitant about buying refurbished medical imaging equipment, it is time to consider a few facts. You may feel that since the equipment was used, and had a fault, it cannot be trusted. This is not true at all. If you take into consideration the price, mechanics, appearance and warranty you would realize that when all is said and done, a refurbished unit is a better deal than a new one.

3 Lesser Known Culprits Of Eye Allergies

The springtime takes all of the blame for red, puffy and runny eyes, but other irritants can be responsible for the discomfort, as well. Pollen is not the only culprit guilty of causing your eyes to itch or dry out. Explore common vices that you use year-round, not knowing they may be contributing to your eye allergies, and learn ways to combat them.   Bedding and Bugs Bed bugs may be your biggest fear when turning in for the night, but dust mites can be as much of a nuisance as well.

The Pros And Cons Of Invisalign

If you want straighter teeth, you should consider getting Invisalign. This is an updated method of helping you obtain a perfect smile by wearing aligners made with plastic trays. The smile you share with the world can increase or decrease your self-confidence levels. Knowing specific facts about Invisalign may motivate you to get this dental process started. What is Invisalign? Invisalign is a modern alternative to metal braces and can significantly alter the appearance of your teeth when worn the recommended amount of time.