Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment: Why It Could Be Better Than New Equipment

If you are hesitant about buying refurbished medical imaging equipment, it is time to consider a few facts. You may feel that since the equipment was used, and had a fault, it cannot be trusted. This is not true at all. If you take into consideration the price, mechanics, appearance and warranty you would realize that when all is said and done, a refurbished unit is a better deal than a new one.


There can be no doubt that the price of a refurbished piece of equipment is going to be much lower than a new one. This could change though. If people start to realize that the refurbished piece is just as mechanically sound as a new one, the price for refurbished pieces may begin to be similar to the prices for new units.


No matter what you buy new, there is a chance that it will have a fault that was undetected before being packaged for sale. Damage can occur to products during shipping or storage too. Just because something in new does not mean that it is perfect.

When a new item is found to have a flaw, consumers return it for another new one. These flawed products are then refurbished by the manufacturer. They are looked over, repaired, tested and then inspected again. A replacement item, from the same manufacturing lot as the original item, will be more likely to have a defect than one that was refurbished.


A product may also be returned because it was chipped, dinged or had some other cosmetic issue. There may be nothing wrong at all with the way it operates. However, because it has been sent back to the manufacturer, it will be completely inspected, tested and have all cosmetic problems fixed or replaced.

While you will never know if a product was refurbished due to cosmetics or mechanics, it really won't matter. The original manufacturer has restored the unit to a new condition.


When you buy a piece of refurbished equipment, you receive a warranty with it that is the same as a new piece. You will not be getting a limited one, or one that is for a reduced amount of time. If there is a defect that was not found when the company did all the refurbishing, you can return it or have it repaired the same way you would a new one.

Do not be afraid to buy a piece of refurbished medical imaging equipment from a company like Chicago C-Arms LLC. The chances of it being defective are very low. You will be getting a great deal on something you need and have a warranty that it will work as promised. When you add it all together, you are getting something that is better than new.