Immigration Physicals | What You Need To Know

An immigration physical is a required medical exam for immigrants applying to the United States. This exam is administered by designated civil surgeons and helps determine whether or not the applicant meets certain health standards set forth by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Here's what you need to know about immigration physicals and why they are necessary.

Who Needs an Immigration Physical?

Individuals applying for adjustment of status or 'green cards' must submit evidence of a recent USCIS medical exam as part of their application process. These applicants include those seeking permanent residency, fiances/fiancees of U.S. citizens, refugees and asylum seekers, special immigrant juveniles (SIJ), victims of human trafficking, and other select categories as defined by USCIS policy set forth in the Refugee Act of 1980. All individuals in these categories must pass the immigration physical before they can be granted admission to the United States, regardless of their current or past health status.

Who Administers an Immigration Physical?

Immigration physicals are conducted exclusively by civil surgeons designated by USCIS to perform such exams. Civil surgeons are certified medical professionals such as doctors or nurses who have passed an extensive background check and training program conducted by USCIS in order to qualify for performing these exams. The designation ensures that all immigration physicals are conducted according to the same standards across different locations throughout the United States, ensuring that applicants receive consistent evaluations no matter where they take the exam.

Why Is a USCIS Physical Necessary?

The purpose of this exam is to ensure that all potential immigrants enter the U.S. in good health and without any communicable diseases that could threaten public health or safety once they become permanent residents. During the evaluation, applicants will be asked questions regarding their medical history and undergo a physical examination, including blood work, urinalysis, chest X-rays, and vaccination. USCIS officials will then review the results of these tests to determine if an applicant meets all eligibility requirements for entry into the United States.

Immigration physicals are important components of any application for adjustment of status or permanent residency in the United States as it helps ensure that only healthy individuals gain access to our country's borders. If you are applying for entry into America through one of these categories, make sure that you contact a civil surgeon right away so that you can start preparing for your immigration physical today.