The Benefits Of Reiki For Athletes

Reiki healing is often seen as a treatment for people who are sick or unwell. However, even people in overall good health can benefit from reiki healing. For example, there are a lot of benefits of reiki for athletes. Here are a few of the key ways you can benefit from reiki healing as an athlete, whether you're competitive or mainly enjoy sports for recreational purposes.

Benefit #1: Reduced risk of injury.

As an athlete, you are likely always wary of becoming injured. If you're a runner, you might be worried about overuse injuries like shin splints and tendinitis. If you're a soccer player, you may be worried about ankle sprains and ACL tears. Seeing a reiki healer regularly can help reduce your risk of injury. Reiki is very relaxing, and it can put your muscles and posture at ease. With a better posture, you will put weight on your joints more evenly, which will make you less prone to injuries. If you're stiff and sore when you see the reiki healer, you will feel less stiff and sore when you leave the session — and you're less likely to be injured in a workout or game when you start off feeling fresh.

Benefit #2: Healthier mindset.

Staying focused is essential to help you train. If you're mentally focused, you can push yourself to give more in a workout, or to go for that goal in the big game. Reiki is a healing protocol that has benefits for both the body and the mind. It can help you get out of your own head, ease anxiety, and improve your focus. It's a good idea to have a session when you're in a hard period of training or before an important game.

Benefit #3: Improved immunity.

Working out really hard can sometimes have a negative impact on your immune system, causing you to become ill more often. And when you are ill, you can't train to the best of your ability. Reiki healing can help improve your immune system, counteracting the effects of your demanding training program. If you're able to avoid colds, the flu, and other illnesses, then you can keep training and enjoying it more, too.

Reiki healing has a lot of benefits for athletes. Be sure to tell your reiki practitioner more about your sport and your training program. This way, they can modify their healing protocol to better suit your needs.