Concierge Medical Care: A Unique Kind Of Primary Care

The world is changing, and so is the delivery of health services. As a result, concierge medical care has been gaining popularity over the last few years. Some Americans believe that concierge medical care will be the new norm because of how difficult it has become to get an appointment with a doctor and because of how expensive healthcare costs have become. Concierge medicine is a form of medical care where patients pay a monthly fee to have unlimited access to their doctor.

Concierge medicine offers several benefits for patients, including:

1. Fewer Doctor's Visits and More Time Spent With the Doctor

Concierge medicine is designed in a manner that allows the doctor to spend more time with patients, increasing their chances of early detection and diagnosis. Concierge doctors often focus on preventative medicine, which means that patients receive early screening for diseases and wellness programs to help improve their overall health.

More significantly, more attention is paid to issues before they become serious problems. On most occasions, concierge doctors develop long-term relationships with their patients, enabling them to monitor their clients more carefully and have a better understanding of their health history.

2. A Higher Level of Care

Concierge medicine is being recognized as the next generation in healthcare because it focuses on preventative healthcare that helps reduce long-term costs associated with advanced treatments for serious diseases or conditions. It is a natural choice for doctors who want to take their level of service and expertise to the next level.

3. Personalized Services

One benefit that concierge medical care has over other types of healthcare is the ability to customize its services. In other words, it can be specifically tailored to reflect the needs and desires of the individual patient.

4. Fewer Costs Than Other Healthcare Plans

Critics of concierge medicine often question whether or not this type of coverage is more expensive than regular medical care. Concierge medicine, however, usually costs less than many types of healthcare plans. Often, concierge physicians charge for membership in addition to standard fees for their time and expertise.

Concierge medicine also offers several benefits for physicians, such as:

  • Doctors spend less time on paperwork and more time with patients, which is appealing to many doctors.
  • Physicians enjoy greater flexibility in their schedules, taking longer holidays or working fewer hours.
  • Concierge medicine fees allow physicians to take on fewer patients while maintaining their income, which means more time for each patient.

The Takeaway

Concierge medical care is becoming more common around the world as people seek ways to get better access to their healthcare providers. It provides a way for doctors to maintain their current income while spending more time with patients.

Talk to a doctor who offers concierge medicine, such as Holly M Gilbert MD, to learn more about how it works.