What Do Medical Assistants Learn?

If you are looking for a career in the medical field, you might turn to the medical assistant role. An online certification can help you work as a medical assistant, and you will soon find yourself with a lot of understanding about the field.

If you are thinking about becoming a medical assistant, you might first want to know what you will be learning in your program. These are some of the topics your courses will cover.

Basics of Health and Body Systems

Anatomy and knowledge about body systems will be critical to your education. You need to know the basics of the body so that you can have a thorough understanding of the work your clinic does.


Some medical assistants work in radiography, helping with the processing of X-rays. Your online coursework will involve the basics of radiography so that you can learn how to help with these processes.

Administrative Procedures

The paperwork and other procedures involved in the office must be accurate and thorough. You will learn how to complete and organize documents and enter the necessary information into the computer.


Medical assistants may have to do some work with blood, which is why it is important that you spend some of your study on phlebotomy. You will learn how to handle blood and how it can be used for testing, for example.

Finances & Insurance

You will also focus on the finances in the office. This means you might be working with billing and insurance companies. You may need to learn the basics of coding and other aspects of finances when you are in school.

Clinical Procedures

One of the most challenging aspects of the job involves learning how to work in a clinic. As part of your experience with the clinic, you will focus on learning how these facilities operate. You will learn what your role will be and how you will facilitate the many processes that occur in these workspaces.


An externship helps you build skills you can use on the job. You will get a hands-on perspective as you work hard to build skills and knowledge you will bring to your new employment.

Get Your Online Medical Assistant Certification

An online program can help you become a medical assistant. In this role, you will help medical professionals and patients as they seek healthcare solutions. Contact an online medical assistant certification program for more information.