How To Participate In Group Exercise Classes With Confidence

Group exercises can be a very effective way to boost your fitness and stay active. However, some people are initially a bit apprehensive about attending these classes. You may be embarrassed to work out in front of other people or afraid that people will laugh at you when you make mistakes. If you're dedicated to doing so, though, you can move past these concerns and learn to approach group exercise classes with confidence, allowing you to reap the benefits. Here's how.

Find clothing you feel comfortable in.

If you're feeling uncomfortable about your appearance, you may worry about people staring at you in workout classes. Usually they won't be — they'll be focused on their own workout — but you can still dress for success to minimize this concern. Go, in person, to a store that sells workout attire, and try all sorts of things on in front of a mirror. Find an outfit that makes you feel like your best self. That confidence boost can help take the focus off your body as you step into a group workout class.

Ask a friend to attend with you.

Do you have at least one friend in your life who you do feel comfortable working out with? Is there someone upbeat and chipper who always manages to lighten the mood when you're feeling stressed? Ask them to attend the class with you. The two of you can laugh at your own mistakes and support each other before and after the class. It's sometimes easier to approach new people and make new friends in a group exercise class if you already have one friend with you.

Choose a class that seems too easy for you.

Another way to minimize your embarrassment in attending group exercise classes is to choose a class that's almost too easy for you. Maybe this means attending a chair aerobics class when you know you're really capable of doing a lower-level aerobics class. Maybe it means attending a slow, beginner's yoga class when you've actually been doing yoga on your own for years. Since this first class won't challenge you, you'll be able to focus on making it a good experience, and then you can confidently move up to classes that are more on your level.

Group exercise classes can be such a fun and productive way to stay fit. Don't let embarrassment and a lack of confidence keep you from that!