Injuries In Children That Require An Urgent Care Visit

If you are a first-time parent or caregiver of a child, you know that injuries happen every now and again. But you may not be prepared to decide the right course of action for treatment. Knowing when to tend to an injury at home versus when to bring a child to an urgent care facility to be checked by a professional is important. Here are some incidents that constitute an urgent care call.

Bleeding That Does Not Stop On Its Own

If a cut, scrape, or laceration occurs, wash the area completely to remove bacteria from the wound. The cleaning of the area also gives you the chance to inspect it in detail. A deep wound requires stitching or a special glue to adhere to the skin so it fuses back together. Apply a clean piece of cloth to the wound after cleaning it, and remove it after a few minutes. If the wound continues to bleed, seek assistance from an urgent care facility. Place a new piece of clean cloth on the area and keep pressure on it while your child is transported to the clinic.

Any Incident Involving The Child's Head

If the child hits or bumps their head, there is no way to tell if an internal injury had occurred because of the accident. Since a child's head is not fully developed and the skull is not completely protected until development is completed, a check by a physician is necessary. There is a risk of a concussion whenever the head is jostled, bumped, or struck. If the child seems sleepy after the accident takes place, encourage them to remain awake. X-rays or a CT-scan is conducted to rule out bleeding of the brain or surrounding tissues.

Swallowing Or Inserting A Foreign Object Into The Body

If the child swallows a small toy or similar item, a trip to a physician for an evaluation is necessary. Even if the item makes its way through the digestive system, there is a chance of blockage of the intestines if it becomes lodged. X-rays are taken to determine the size of the item and the pathway it seems to be taking to determine whether it needs removal or can stay in place to go through its course. If the child places a small item in their ear, nose, or eye, a visit to an urgent care is also needed so damage to the body is not sustained during the item's removal.

For more information, contact a local urgent care clinic.