Going To An OB-GYN For A Missed Cycle

Did you recently realize that you didn't start your menstrual cycle last month, and now you are concerned? The first thing that you are likely thinking is that you are pregnant, especially if you have a partner who you are sexually active with on a regular basis.

However, there are various things that can happen and interfere with your menstrual cycle being regular, which is why an examination is important. No matter what the cause may be, neglecting to get medical assistance in a speedy manner can possibly result in you suffering from major complication later on. In this article, you will learn more about missing menstrual cycles and why seeing an OB-GYN doctor is in your best interest.

An Examination of Your Reproduction Health

When you visit an OB-GYN, he or she will first listen to your problems as you discuss them in detail. The specific services that are performed when you are examined will depend on the types of problems you are having. One of the tests that is commonly performed in regard to a woman's reproductive health is called a pap smear. The test is performed by using an instrument to collect cell samples from your cervix that can be examined in a laboratory for cancer. A variety of other tests can be performed as well, but you won't know what to expect until speaking a doctor.

Pinpointing the Specific Cause of a Missed Cycle

Have you been under a large amount of stress lately that you are finding it hard to cope with? Your OB-GYN will likely ask you the exact question because it is a common cause for a woman to miss a period. Stress is a concern because it can have an effect on the way your hormones work and cause your uterine lining to not shed as it should when your cycle is due. The doctor will also want to determine if the cause of your problem is due to you being pregnant. Even if a home pregnancy test showed that you are not pregnant, a doctor can run higher quality tests that are able to detect even low levels of the pregnancy hormone hCG.

Setting Up a Plan for Treating the Condition

If you are found to be pregnant, an OB-GYN will begin seeing you on a monthly basis to check on yours and the baby's health, and they will check you more often when the due date is near. If you are considered a high risk pregnancy, you might begin seeing the doctor more than once per month in the beginning. If your missed cycle is due to cancer or another serious condition, you might be referred to a specialist for treatment.