Laser Vein Treatments Could Eliminate Your Small And Large Varicose Veins

If you've developed varicose veins, you might be hesitant to wear shorts because of the way your legs look. Varicose veins might make you feel self-conscious, and they can also cause your legs to feel uncomfortable at times. You should talk to your doctor about having the bothersome veins removed. One option the doctor may suggest is laser treatment. Here's how it works.

Lasers Can Eliminate Veins Of All Sizes

Your doctor will determine if laser vein treatment services are right for your condition. If laser treatments are found suitable, your doctor may be able to remove spider veins and small varicose veins through the surface of your skin. Deeper and larger veins may need to have the laser applied through an incision.

Laser Vein Treatments Work By Closing Off The Vein

Laser treatments are effective because they close off the vein, which causes it to shrivel away and be removed by your body naturally. This process happens because the laser causes scars on the veins. Tiny spider veins might disappear right away, but larger varicose veins could take weeks or months to go through the process of scarring, shriveling, and disappearing.

Laser Treatments Are Quick And Painless

You can have laser therapy in your doctor's office or clinic. The procedure could be over in several minutes depending on how many veins are treated at once. Laser treatments aren't painful since the doctor uses a local anesthetic to prevent discomfort. You'll be able to walk from the office when the procedure is over and resume most of your usual activities within a day or two depending on the type of procedure you have done. If you have an incision for a large vein treatment, you may need to rest for the remainder of the day.

Laser Vein Treatments Have A Quick Recovery Time

One benefit of laser vein removal is you can avoid surgery and the need for a longer recovery period. You can get back to your usual routine quickly after you've had a laser procedure. You may need to wear compression stockings for several days, and you'll need to keep the laser-treated area out of the sun. Your doctor will let you know when you can resume driving, heavy lifting, and exercise. However, you may be instructed to walk daily to help with circulation. It may take a few weeks to fully recover from having a laser vein treatment.

Although you may not notice a difference in the appearance of your varicose veins right away, they will gradually fade over time. You'll have a follow-up visit with your doctor to make sure the treatment was successful, but it's always possible you may need a few laser treatments to get the results you want.