Why "One Day At A Time" Is A Good Mantra For Those In Alcohol Rehab

When you've sought treatment for alcoholism and are hoping to put this substance in your past for good, a lot of people around you will hopefully be offering encouraging sentiments. One phrase that you'll frequently hear is "one day at a time," and while some people may simply use it without giving it much thought, it's useful to know that this statement — even though it's a bit of a cliche — can be one to live by. Here are some reasons that "one day at a time" is a good mantra to keep in mind as you go through alcohol rehabiliation treatment.

It Keeps You From Thinking Too Far Ahead

As you work to live a life without alcohol, it's important to avoid thinking too far ahead. Beginning to have thoughts about the future — and imagining it without a drink in your hand — can be downright scary. You don't want to get so frightened by the future that you give up your intention to get sober. Remembering to live one day at a time breaks down this big goal into small increments. In other ways, you can put 100 percent of your effort into remaining sober today, rather than imaging doing so for the rest of your life.

It Prevents Concerns About Failure

Sobriety is a lifestyle that can have peaks and valleys. For example, you might get sober, stay that way for 10 years, and then fall off the wagon once. Instead of allowing your one mistake to spiral you into alcoholism again, you can instead get back into treatment, surround yourself with sober individuals, and stay focused on your goal. Remembering the concept of "one day at a time" can help you to know that a failure only has to be a one-day occurrence, rather than define your entire life.

It Calm Help You To Stay Calm

There's little doubt that the idea of sobriety can lead to anxiety, especially if you've relied on alcohol as an emotional stabilizer for a period of time. Having a mantra such as "one day at a time" is an effective way to help you remain calm. Many people find that repeating a mantra to themselves can be relaxing. If you notice times that you're starting to feel anxious, try repeating the mantra in a slow and calm manner. You may find that this practice has immediate benefits in terms of lowering your level of anxiety.