Tips For Better Vision Care

Taking care of your vision now will pay off later. Vision problems tend to surface as you age, but there are things you can do when younger to slow the chances of vision loss or even prevent some issues entirely. The following tips will help you manage your vision care so you can schedule necessary treatments before it is too late.

Tip #1: Schedule an annual exam

Many people skip annual exams if they don't notice changes to their vision or if they have never had a need for glasses. This can be a major mistake. Annual vision exams do more than simply measure how well you can see. The optometrist also checks out your generalized eye health. This includes making sure there is no retinal or corneal damage, as well as check for diseases such as eye cancer and glaucoma. When scheduling your annual exam, make sure it is a comprehensive exam that will check all over eye health. Many vision problems are hard to notice without professional help in the beginning, but early treatment can ensure that you keep your vision.

Tip #2: Protect your eyes

There are three types of eye protection -- protection from the sun, protection from sharp objects, and protection from strain. Wearing sunglasses that provide optimum UV protection whenever you are outside is necessary if you want to avoid vision loss later. You should also wear safety glass anytime you are doing something that could lead to eye injury, whether it is participating in a sport, using power tools, or even working in the lawn. Finally, protect your eyes from strain. Eye strain can be caused by staring too long at anything, whether it's your computer screen or reading a paper book under dim light. When engaged in activities that could lead to strain, take a break every 30 minutes to rest your eyes and prevent damage.

Tip #3: Don't skimp on eye care products

You aren't saving money by wearing contacts longer than advised or by continuing to use an old pair of glasses. Contact lenses should be changed out at the intervals recommended and cleaned daily, otherwise you risk an eye injury or an infection. Old glasses can also cause unnecessary strain, even if your prescription has only changed a little bit. Invest in the right vision correction devices then care for them properly or you will spend more in the long run trying to overcome the problems caused by trying to save money.

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