Worried Your Aging Parent Doesn't Have The Help They Need? What To Know

If you think that your parent needs some help with taking care of medications, bathing and other things that you can't get to their home to do regularly, it may be time to get some outside help. If you know that you can't give them the assistance that they need to stay healthy and to ensure their safety, it's time to start exploring the options and costs for care. Here are some of the things that you want to check into before you are ready to pick service providers and more.

Mobile Food Options

There are a lot of food options that you can look into, depending on budget and if your parent qualifies for government assistance. Some of the things to explore include:

  • Pre-made meal delivery options
  • Grocery delivery
  • Mobile shopping services

These are just some of the options, and you want to know that they are getting the food they need to be healthy and to survive. You can also order weekly groceries and toiletries or other household items in advance and have a driver pick the items up at a store and drop them off.

Home Healthcare

Home healthcare agencies can make the difference between you knowing that your parent is safe and that they are taking care of their medical needs every day. If you can, find a healthcare professional that can help with:

  • Checking vitals
  • Monitoring medicine intake or distributing medicine
  • Bathing
  • Changing surgical dressings
  • Doing light physical therapy

Any of the medical needs that your parent has or concerns that you have can be monitored by a home healthcare professional if they visit regularly.

House Cleaning Service

You don't want your parent living in filth or hurting themselves trying to do things around the home. Find a house cleaner that can come in and do the floors and bathrooms and, occasionally, heavier cleaning if needed. You may also want to ask whether they provide laundry services and how much they charge. Some companies include the laundry if it doesn't take too long to get done.

When you find these different services, you don't have to worry if your parent has what they need, if they are getting the care they need, if they are taking care of themselves properly and if the house they live in is alright. Find what they can afford, and what you can afford, and set up the professionals right away.