3 Things To Know About Breast Cancer

Are you concerned because there is a slightly indented area on one of your breasts? An indention on a breast is one of the common signs of breast cancer. It is possible that there is a lump inside of your breast, so you should get it examined be a specialist as soon as you are able to. Breast cancer can be cured when it is treated soon enough. This article covers a few of the things that you might want to know about breast cancer.

1. Why Breast Cancer Might Develop

Basically, breast cancer can develop when an abnormal amount of cells begin to accumulate. The abnormal cells will usually lead to a tumor developing that can continue growing if treatment is not done. One of the causes of breast cancer is from having mutated genes in your body. Prolonged exposure to estrogen is one of the other things that can put someone at risk for breast cancer, such as from having a menstrual cycle at an early age. Having dense breast tissue increases the chance of cancer as well.

2. How Breast Cancer Is Diagnosed by a Specialist

There are a few ways in which a specialist can diagnose breast cancer. For example, he or she will feel around on both of your breasts to determine if there are lumps present. He or she will also take a close look at each nipple for abnormalities and discharge. A breast x-ray that is called a mammogram will be done so the specialist can take a closer look at your breast tissue, such as if a lump is found. If it is believed that you have a cancerous lump, a biopsy will be performed so the tissue can be examined in a laboratory.

3. Getting Treated with a Personalized Approach

Rather than treating you via some of the most common methods used for breast cancer, a specialist might opt for a personalized approach. Basically, genetic tests will be performed on both the cancerous and normal cells in an effort to determine which type of treatment is likely to work best with your body. One of the benefits of taking a personalized approach to treating cancer is that a specialist will have the ability to treat you with the fewest side effects. Personalized cancer treatment is also a good method for lowering the chance of breast cancer reoccurring after it has been successfully treated

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