Watch for 3 Signs That Suggest You Need Substance Abuse Treatment

People enter substance abuse treatment for a variety of reasons: they had an intervention, or they've reached rock bottom. Either way, it takes bravery and strength to enter a treatment program. While your loved ones might be wanting you to attend treatment if you're struggling with substance abuse, it's generally effective if you attend when you're ready to commit. But how do you know it's time to get treatment? Here are some signs that you could be ready for substance abuse treatment.

Your Habits Have Caused You to Break the Law

No one wants his or her struggles with substance abuse to lead to a criminal record, but this can indeed happen. Evaluate whether you've broken the law—even if you haven't been caught—as a result of your substance abuse. For example, perhaps you've stolen something to sell to support your habit, you've driven while intoxicated, or even assaulted someone while under the influence. A criminal record can dramatically impact your life, so if your substance abuse has already led you to break the law, it may be time to seek treatment.

You're Losing Relationships with Loved Ones

Even without an intervention, people around you can begin to distance themselves as a result of your substance abuse. For example, longtime friends may choose to stop hanging out with you. Or, a sibling stops allowing you to visit their home because he or she is concerned about the influence you might have on their children. If your family and friends are spending less time with you, one of the best ways to build back these relationships is to attend treatment and get substance abuse out of your life. Asking these people for love and support is a good way to gain confidence and support system needed to stick with the program.

Your Health Is Declining

A negative change in your health can also be the catalyst that prompts you to seek substance abuse treatment. Depending on your substance of choice, you may be gaining or losing weight dramatically, seeing a decline in the health of your skin or teeth, or suffering problems with organs such as your liver. You don't want these problems to continue; by attending substance abuse treatment now and working hard to put your substances of choice behind you, you may be able to regain a healthier body and thus feel and look better more and more every day.