Common Concerns About Careers In Assisted Living Services

Finding a career that provides you with a comfortable and rewarding life can seem like it will be an impossible task. However, if you have a strong dedication to helping the ill and infirm, an assisted living career may be the ideal choice for you. For those that are not familiar with this career path, having a few routine questions addressed should help to make the decision about pursuing this career easier for you to make.

Do You Have To Be A Nurse To Work In Assisted Living?

There is a common belief That you will need to be a registered nurse in order to work in assisted living. However, this is not always the case as not every staff member is required to provide medical care. Rather, there are numerous other positions that will involve helping patients with any non-medical related needs. This can include bathing and food preparation.  

What Are The Working Conditions Like?

Those working in assisted living can have a range of working conditions depending on whether they are home-based professionals or work at a facility. Those that provide home-based care for patients may work irregular hours due to the needs of their clients. Individuals that work in an assisted living facility may have a more set schedule, but they will often be working with patients that have more intensive needs. Some providers will offer their clients both inpatient and home-based assisted living services, which means some individuals will need to work in both of these settings on a regular basis.

Are The Opportunities For Career Growth?

Another frequent concern among some individuals considering this career path is that they will not have sufficient room for professional growth. However, this is not the case as assisted living providers employ individuals in a range of caregiving and managerial roles. Those that are interested in moving into the management side of assisted living will likely need to obtain a degree in business administration. To help individuals achieve their professional goals, there are some facilities that will provide employees with tuition reimbursement and flexible scheduling to make attending classes easier.

When a person is too ill or injured to care for themselves, they may rely on the expertise and compassion of assisted living professionals. By understanding that it is not necessary to be a nurse to work in this field, what to expect from the working conditions and the opportunities for career growth, it will be easier for you to make the decision about pursuing this line of work as your new career.