Trending Prolotherapy Injections May Be The Answer To Your Back Pain Problem

Your back needs the mechanism of a complex set of ligaments and tendons to keep it stable so that you can move around without pain. When ligaments and tendons are injured, you begin to feel uncomfortable pain. Prolotherapy is a new trending method being used to allow your back pain to naturally heal on its own. The goal of prolotherapy is to stimulate regrowth of collagen. The elasticity of collagen enables you to bend and twist and move around when those connective tissues are healthy. Proliferation of collagen strengthens ligaments. Prolotherapy could be the answer to your back pain problems, and you should explore how you can benefit from this new treatment process.

Scientific Study Supports Use Of Prolotherapy

Scientists, using human volunteers, reportedly utilized the science of ligament proliferation in a pilot study. What the scientists discovered was that three months after undergoing prolotherapy treatment, the volunteers had an average regrowth of 65 percent in cross-sectional diameter of posterior sacroiliac ligaments. Using range of lumbar motion computerized measurements prior to and after surgery, the scientists further discovered that motion consistent with soft tissue healing had evidently taken place.

Why You Should Have Prolotherapy Treatments?

Chronic back pain prevents you from living a comfortable lifestyle. In fact, some people can barely walk due to all sorts of back pain. You've probably used many different medications, but your pain continues and even increases as well. Prolotherapy treatments for your back pain might just bring you relief.

Ingredients And Injection

Industry experts say that prolotherapy contains a combination of anesthetic and proliferant inflammatory qualities that are delivered through the injections. The anesthetic agents relieve the pain trigger you experience while the proliferant agent strengthens damaged ligaments and tendons that are attached to bones. The experts also note that some prolotherapy specialists use mild chemical irritants that promote the healing process. They assert that such substances attach to your body's cell walls at the point where the injections take place and then stimulate the healing process. Other compounds including fatty acid from cod liver oil are also being used during the process as well.

Things You Should Do Prior To Undergoing Prolotherapy

If you're thinking of undergoing prolotherapy treatments, discuss your plans with your primary care physician or a licensed physician who is authorized to give this type of treatment. Ask for information about what kind of side effect you might experience from this treatment. Find out if your insurance company covers the procedure as well. Visit for more information.