Helpful Mobility Aids For Injured Backs

If you have hurt your back and are going to have a long recovery ahead of you, get yourself mobility aids that will help you to go about your day in as normal a manner as possible. While there are going to be some things you can't do while you are suffering from a back injury, there are others that you can continue doing if you have mobility aids to help. This article will introduce you to some aids you may want to consider.

Invest in a good walker

When you hurt your back, you may be sent home with a walker if it's deemed necessary. This walker will be a basic, no-frills walker that's fine to get you home, but there are ones that are much better for the long haul. Get a walker that has hand brakes, a seat and a basket. This walker is easier to control and can hold your things so you don't end up trying to walk with them tucked under your arms or do without them until someone can get them for you. You will be able to sit in the walker if you are out and suddenly find you can't stand anymore.

Get a sturdy cane

If you just need a little bit of support while you are walking or standing, then a cane may help. If you decide to get a cane, put some time and effort into finding the best one so you'll find it works great for you. You either want to go with a cane that is the perfect height for you or one that is adjustable. Your hand should fit nicely around the handle, and the base should provide you with adequate support. You can also purchase canes that have extra features attached to them, such as flashlights.

Get a shower chair and hand held shower head

The shower can be a dangerous and difficult place when you have a back problem. Putting a shower chair and hand-held shower head in your shower will allow you to safely and comfortably sit while you shower. The shower head is very helpful so you won't have the water from a regular shower head pouring down on you, making it hard to comfortably wash.

Getting these mobility aids will help you to get through your recovery easier and with fewer chances of having an accidental fall and injuring yourself even more.