How To Have An Easier Recovery From Hip Surgery At Home

You're scheduled to go in soon for a total hip replacement to get rid of the joint pain caused by arthritis. Like many people, you've chosen to recover from the surgery at home. While it may be tempting to rely on the help of friends and family when you get home, you'll find that having a little professional help will ease your recovery. Here are some of the advantages of using a home health care nurse or aid for a few days or weeks as you recover from your hip surgery at home.

They Will Anticipate Challenges You May Have in Your Own Home

Your home may not be the most friendly environment in which to recover right after your surgery. Furniture may block paths through the rooms. Small obstacles, such as trash cans and throw rugs, may be waiting to trip you as you walk through the house with crutches. A home health professional will anticipate those problem areas and make your house a safer space in which to recover.

You'll Slowly Gain Back Your Independence

When you first get home, even the simplest tasks, such as putting away the groceries, will be a challenge. A home health worker will help you evaluate your ability to resume daily activities. They will help you to slowly gain your independence while helping you do those tasks that you're not quite ready to do yourself.

They Will Help With Your Pain Management

For a few weeks, you'll have some mild pain in your hip. If you let the pain become too great before taking pain medication, it won't be as effective in controlling the pain. A home health nurse will help you stick to a schedule for taking the pain medication. This maintains a level of the medication in your body at all times to limit those peak pain times that can occur during exercise and physical therapy.

You'll Have a Coach That Helps You To Make Steady Progress

A successful recovery from total hip surgery means making steady progress each day. If you push yourself too hard one day, you may be sore and exhausted the next day and tempted to skip your exercises. A home health professional will help you set a pace that you can keep to make a little progress every day. They will make you slow down when pushing yourself and encourage you to get moving when you become discouraged. Slow and steady progress each day will get you back up on your feet to walk on your new hip without that arthritic pain.

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