Important Questions And Discussions To Have With Your Gynecologist If You Are A Larger Woman

Going to the gynecologist is never on anyone's top ten list of favorite activities, but it is a necessary and potentially lifesaving appointment. Women who carry a bit of extra weight may put off going to the gynecologist for many reasons. You can make your next visit a lot easier by calling your gynecologist beforehand to make sure that you will be treated with respect and dignity. Many larger patients have had less than desirable experiences in doctor's offices, where the focus is always on weight rather than the medical issue that you came in for. The following is a list of reasons why you may dread going to the gynecologist as a fuller figured gal and what you can do to make sure that your next visit doesn't have to include any of these reasons.

Health Lectures

Being overweight does not have to equal being unhealthy. If you are there to get a pap smear or a breast exam, tell your gynecologist that you prefer to focus on these issues rather than discussing your weight. You can call beforehand to ask if the doctor is comfortable seeing larger patients and how they accommodate women of size. The only time that you may want to discuss your weight is if you are trying to conceive, as being larger may make getting pregnant more difficult.

Being Too Exposed

Being a fuller figured lady comes with its own set of challenges at the doctors office. Being asked to strip down naked under those unforgiving, fluorescent lights is a challenge for women of every size, but it may feel especially intimidating to women of stature. Doctors are not there to judge you for your body and they are used to seeing naked patients. However, nobody enjoys lying in a cold room, exposed, and those paper gowns are not designed for larger patients. To make your visit more comfortable, consider bringing a bathrobe to change into, or a bed sheet to cover yourself with. Another trick is to get a bit dressed up before you go. Take a nice shower or bath, shave your legs, and wear an outfit that makes you smile. You will feel much more confident and relaxed when you disrobe.

Don't put off going to the gynecologist any longer. Call around to find a gynecologist (such as one from Women's Healthcare of Illinois) that respects larger patients, or ask friends for a referral. Come in with your list of questions and your sheet or bathrobe, and derail any unnecessary questions about your weight by politely reminding your doctor that your are there for a ladies exam and not a lecture.