Do You Have A Reocurring Eye Injury: It Could Be A Traumatic Cataract

Did you have an eye injury years ago but now you seem to be developing vision problems in that eye again? You could have developed a cataract even though a lot of time has passed since the injury first occurred.

This is called a traumatic cataract, and you may want to have surgery to repair the condition. If you are having cloudiness or darkness in the eye, you can't see as well and you are having other eye irritation, you want to get checked out right away. Here are a few reasons to consider cataract surgery.

High Success Rate

In a group of 100 people, more than 85 adults usually experience success, and this number is higher in other groups. Talk with your potential ocular surgeon to find out what their specific success rate is with patients, to see if they have been successful in their practice of the surgery, and to ensure that their patients have been satisfied.

This means you can see without the inconveniences of having a cataract, and you can possibly go without needing glasses or contacts. It can also eliminate all symptoms of the cataract, allowing you to discover if you have other eye problems.

Outpatient Surgery

The outpatient surgery will take a few hours, so you don't have to spend the night or days at the hospital if there aren't any complications. This means you don't have to miss days or weeks of work, or being at home. It will be necessary to catch up with your ophthalmologist within a day or two after the surgery to see how things are going. For many surgeries you can go to a small surgical center or office, and you don't have to go to a large hospital to get the procedure completed. It will be necessary to have someone to drive you home, since you'll go under anesthesia and you won't be able to see directly afterwards.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of having a cataract, like vision darkness or cloudiness, eye sensitivity to light, fading colors, double vision, and more, it's time to get to an ophthalmologist before things get any worse. Not being able to see clearly while walking and driving is a serious danger, and you don't need to suffer. This surgery is something that can be done with a laser, so don't put it off because you worry about the time required for the procedure.

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