Are Penis Problems Affecting Your Life? Call A Urologist

If you are starting to notice multiple different with issues with your penis and you are aging, it's time to see a urologist. This is a medical professional that specializes in the treatment of the male reproductive organs, along with the male and female urinary tracts. This is the perfect specialist to help you when you are dealing with any of the following problems.

Erectile Concern

Do you sometimes have difficulty getting an erection when you want to? There are many different causes for erectile dysfunction, and talking with a urologist can help you pinpoint the problem before it gets worse. You may not need a prescription medication for this problem, but if you do want to try medication, a urologist can help.


Have you recently been having stamina issues, and your erection doesn't last as long as it used to? This could be tied in with the problems that are causing your erectile concerns, and the urologist may be able to give you advice and suggestions on how to make the erection last longer during intercourse.

Frequent Urination

Do you find yourself running to the bathroom constantly, even when you haven't had that much to drink? Your bladder could have an infection, your urethra could be wrapped around the bladder, along with other potential culprits. The urologist will find out why you are urinating so frequently, and see if there is a medical explanation to help treat the problem.

Fertility Worries

Are you trying to get your wife or girlfriend pregnant and you aren't successful? Have you already determined that she is ovulating, and you fear that your sperm may be the problem? The urologist can have your sperm tested, and they can help you improve your fertility, or guide you on what not to do to decrease your sperm count. Things like alcohol can lower your sperm count, reducing your chances of getting someone pregnant.

It can be embarrassing to go to the doctor and tell them that you're having a hard time sexually with your male anatomy or that there is something wrong with your reproductive organs, but you need to. You could have a serious life-threatening problem like bladder cancer, and you want to treat any health problem that you have as quickly as possible. These are medical concerns and problems that are going to be best treated by a specialist, such as Dr. Matthew Bui, instead of a general doctor.