What You Need To Make Sure Your Home Care Worker Knows

Home care workers receive caregiver training that prepares them for the various aspects that in home care services and senior care services brings. They arrive knowing everything from how to change bed linens to administering breathing treatments. The home care service may have given them a quick run down regarding your loved one and their needs as well. There are still some things that you need to cover with the home care worker before you leave for the day, night, or even a few hours.

Specific Food Preparation

 The caregiver you hire may already know how to cook basic foods, but that doesn't mean they come into the home knowing exactly how your loved one needs or wants the food prepared. Take the time to go over the preparation of foods, where things are located in the kitchen, and any special foods that your loved one must have during the day. Don't forget to discuss any special dietary restrictions or needs that may not have been covered prior to the caregivers arrival.

Item Location

All too often you hire a caregiver and have them arrive just before you need to leave the home. This leaves very little time for your to discuss where items are located or where to find backup supplies if they run out. This can easily be overlooked, but if it is possible, you need to make the time to go over these things. If the caregiver doesn't know where to find new clothing, linens, disposable items, or hygiene products it could lead to some issues for your loved one.

Cameras in the Home

Security cameras and monitors in the home are nothing new to most people. In fact, if your loved one has been sick for a while or had problems with mobility then you may already have some sort of monitoring system installed. Let the caregiver know that it is there and why. Some caregivers may feel awkward or uncomfortable knowing that a camera is in place while others just like to know it is there.

Guests and Appointments

Unexpected guests and appointments can throw a caregiver off and cause some minor chaos or stress. If you know of any guests your loved one may have or any appointments that are coming up, let the caregiver know. This way they can be on standby for those guest arrivals or have your loved one ready for their appointments without rushing around or feeling stressed.

These are just a few things you should make sure that a home care worker knows before they begin their duties for your family. If you don't feel like you'll have time to discuss this with the caregiver (like those at ComForcare Home Care - Torrance, CA), because of scheduling, make sure the senior care services director is aware and can inform the worker prior to the first day on the job.